Brand and logo

The DBS brand owner is deeply influenced by Indian spiritual thoughts and was convinced that his brand mark should reflect it. The deep vermillion red was his dominant colour choice. We looked at the tantric Yantra symbol and created a diamond shape made of regular triangles. The strong geometric graphic depicted cosmic harmony and discipline. The colour wheel look cues paints. 


We created a property for the brand called Protectology. It arose from the fact that DBS has over two decades of experience in surface protection material and its application on landmark structures across India. Protectology is a DBS commitment that comes with every DBS product and service.

Creative communication through sale tools

The bold communication approach was used across the DBS sale tools. Strong graphic and expressions that creatively highlighted product functions became a cover feature.

Texture Coatings- Classic Range catalogue

The cover depicted textured paint benefits as strong word graphic. The words are punch cut, and when the gatefold flap is turned, the pictures below are of natural objects whose textures can be brought to life using DBS Texture Coatings.

Texture Coatings- Premium Range catalogue

A slice of a natural stone held on a trowel as a cake slice- brings elegance, glamour and sophistication to the product which puts the texture of natural stone on your wall surface. 

Paint shade card

The cover is a mosaic of coloured bubble wraps driving the message- range of colours that protect your walls


Durashiled Durashiled

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